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Which Line is Longer?
Protein for Bodybuilding


Would you date a Bodybuilding Woman?
Orion asked:

Before you hate, only a few of the hardcore competitors actually risk the dangers with roids. Many contests are tested and many women build, because they love of the feeling of looking fit and being healthy. Could you imagine yourself with such a woman or would being that far outside the box trip you out too much?

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Top Bodybuilding Supplements The Top 3
Phillip M. Hixxen asked:

Whether you are a bodybuilder or just a recreational lifter you want to use supplements. The main reasons are that they lower your recovery time, help build muscle, and increase your strength. If you are not supplementing you are missing out on at least 20 to 30% of the gains that you could have. We will list the 3 top bodybuilding supplements so that you can choose if they are right for you.

Protein – This is a must have supplement for your arsenal. I would go so far as to say that if you do not have a protein powder or meal replacement shakes then you should probably not be lifting. There is no way a normal diet will provide the levels of protein needed to achieve muscle gains.

Creatine – This is one of the best out of the bunch for helping to gain strength and speed up recovery times. Both of these are crucial for muscle gain. If you increase your strength then you are bound to have bigger muscles because you can put more stress on them

Nitric Oxide – This product is known as a vasodilator which means it expands the blood vessels. The advantage of that is you can get more nutrients to your muscles which in turn will help them grow. This supplement has huge muscle pumps so you know it is working really quickly.

Obviously there are more supplements on the market, but these are the top bodybuilding supplements. These three above all are the most safe and effective on the market. If you start getting into crazier supplements you will be lowering the chances of it being safe. Stick with these and you will get some amazing results.

Ive started bodybuilding 2 months ago, and i smoke?
GhostRider asked:

I have been bodybuilding for the past 2 months, but I’ve wondered if smoking is a bad thing to be doing??

please help :)
I meant, does it affect anything to do with muscle growing?

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what is cutting in bodybuilding?
hustler121 asked:

what does the term cutting mean in bodybuilding. do you lose muscle while ur in the cutting phase? is there any way to prevent muscle loss while cutting?

I m 15 years old and i do bodybuilding how can i make my bicep up and trice up size bigger?
KingK asked:

i wanna increase size of my bice up and trice up how can i ????

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Bodybuilding Facts
Emile Jarreau asked:

In order to truly become the best bodybuilder you can be, you can’t forget that bodybuilding facts are based on science. If you want to succeed, you must immerse yourself in the facts surrounding the act of bodybuilding. Think of what would happen if you tried to drive a car by pushing the brake when you wanted to go forward and pushing the gas when you wanted to stop. Similarly, if you aren’t doing the right things in bodybuilding at the right time, you won’t see the results you want.

Bodybuilding facts are based on science. For one thing, your body isn’t automatically made to be massive and muscular. Your body only becomes strong because it you convince it that you need more muscle to survive. Getting washboard abs, a firm chest, and large biceps is all a matter of understanding the numbers behind it. That means you’ll need to know what types of exercises there are, know how many reps and sets to do, and know how to support your program through caloric intake, supplements, and the proper ratio of macronutrients.

One thing to know is never to work the same muscles two days in a row. One of the most critical bodybuilding facts to know is that the act of working out is harmful to your body. It breaks down your muscles, and it can injure you. The act of rebuilding comes when you sleep and rest. If you strain your muscles day after day, you will not only be crippling your results, but you will probably get to a point where you’ve permanently injured yourself. It’s absolutely essential for you to have rest between workouts.

With that said, you might try splitting up different muscle groups depending on the day. For example, you could focus on the upper body on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the lower body on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and rest on the weekend. You might decide to group them differently, like chest and triceps one day, and shoulders and legs another day. The important thing is that you stagger your workouts so that all the muscles have days when they can rest before they are used again.

Any days you have off from weightlifting, you can choose to spend doing some light to moderate cardio workouts. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and if you are truly hoping to be a bodybuilder, it can work against you to do too much cardio, but doing some will jumpstart your metabolism and improve your lungpower, which in turn will get more oxygen to your muscles during a workout. Also, there’s less advantage to having muscle if it’s all covered up by fat, so burning fat during your off days can enhance the work you are doing with weightlifting.

These bodybuilding facts are a solid foundation in your bodybuilding journey, and hopefully, you take them with you and build on them.

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Recovery Tips For a Successful Bodybuilding Program
Dane C. Fletcher asked:

Like many other human efforts, body building sometimes loses the lure after training for several years. Motivation becomes low, discipline looses out too complacency and dreams fade. The initial commitment to muscle gains and physique development becomes an illusion that seems worthless to pursue. The gym becomes a loathed place with so many possible criticisms and the body building lifestyle seems a foolish endeavor. Even the best of the best in the industry sometimes experiences these emotional changes if not worse.

Surprisingly, it is those who have considerable gains and who have been fairly successful in their body building programs, who quit more resolutely than those who have nothing to show for their time in the gym. Today, it’s common to see a muscled man you admire walk past you in the street and then be surprised to learn that he quit training a while ago. The question you ask is, but why? You can’t believe how much the man has wasted himself.

And of course there are other reasons that may make a body builder to quit. Diseases for one, injuries and other commitments that can not allow a body building lifestyle. After a while, years maybe, the bodybuilder may feel the need to hit the gym again. Mood s may change, convictions be altered, injuries may heal and diseases may be successfully treated. The body builder may find the former passion of weights, he or she may revive the first love and even commit to achieve the abandoned dreams and ambitious goals. If this happens, the bodybuilder is ready for a come back.

To make a successful come back, a body builder must first be very honest with himself or herself. There is no need of coming back to the game only to find your interest waning within a few days. Secondly, the bodybuilder must be very patient and self controlled. The body builder must approach training the same was he or she did when he or she was a beginner. Intensity is not the issue during the first month of the comeback. Rather, the bodybuilder should endeavor to regain muscle flexibility and coordination, body strength and endurance, mind focus and breathing rhythm. The body builder must endeavor to make the body supple and powerful in readiness of the weights.

A lot of aerobics and breathing exercises must be included in the initial stages of a comeback program to stimulate and recruit the muscles to their former agility. Once this is achieved, the body builder can start out with small weights, small even if he or she was a power lifter once. The idea is to let the dormant muscles to wake up and take on the challenge gradually in order to avoid tears and rips.

The diet must also be altered from wanton greed and unregulated eating habits to a disciplined objective dieting. The good thing about a come back is that the body builder knows what to do when and how, for he or she had been an insider of the game once. The secret of comebacks therefore lies in gradually reawakening the former glory, knowledge and ability. Step after step, the comeback should progress until the body builder regains the level from which he or she had quit, and then progress to newer heights.

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Diet Supplementation For Female Bodybuilders
Dane C. Fletcher asked:

The most essential elements for women bodybuilders are vitamins and mineral formulas. To be specific, vitamin C should be divided into 3 equal portions and each portion should be taken after every meal throughout the day. This means during breakfast, lunch and supper.

Calcium is the most appropriate of all minerals to the female bodybuilder. The compound from which it is absorbed into the body is called calcium citrate. To add onto the minerals, you ought to take Chromium Picolinate which is best taken together with the necessary fatty acids which come from many animals such as fish and cattle. In fish, the products are called fish oil. Other options include extra virgin olive oil and flax-seed oil.

To boost the effectiveness of these supplements, it is advisable that women bodybuilders use meal replacement procedures of their choice which should go hand in hand with the supplementation program. The rationale for this is to add the valuable calories and protein content to the body in order to aid with the demanding metabolic needs of the female bodybuilder. Moreover, women, especially those who are not anywhere near the menopause bracket, usually go through a mineral loss period when they undergo their menses. These lost minerals need to be replaced because at no one time should the bodybuilder’s body be in a starvation mode.

Supplementation has been found to aid in the enhancement of performance although many upcoming bodybuilders continue to treat supplements with too much scepticism. For those who are not afraid, (and there is honestly no need for fear because the record of supplementation is straight), it is recommended that you go for Creatine or alternatively, you may choose Glutamine. These are the two supplements which can supplement each other and are also most effective if they are administered one after the other in your supplementation schedule. This means that you may take Creatine for the first week and then switch to Glutamine in the second week. This gives you the much-needed space for the female bodybuilder to evaluate which one is best for her.

These two supplements generally share the same qualities and it is these same qualities which are mirrored in the anabolic steroids. You may experience a feeling of freshness and alertness which are also the case with anabolic steroids. Other intrinsic effects include increased sugar levels, and an increased metabolic rate. They are without side effects as they don’t have the features of hormones.

Alternatively, there is an alternative for the wary female bodybuilder who is not comfortable with all the above options for one reason or the other. The option of bonus supplementation is another avenue you can try on and see if it will help you achieve your fitness dream. Their role is to aid with the arduous task of burning excess fat while at the same time providing the stamina and motivation for more and more workouts. These include bodybuilding faq which aid in the abs fat burnouts, the Rox Review and Tetra Review, both of which are ideal for general bodybuilding and fat-burning needs.

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Girls and Bodybuilding
Yossarian Fisher asked:

There are one thousand and one reasons why we, men should seriously consider bodybuilding, but for the meantime, let us just name some.

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear Bodybuilding is the muscles. Another perhaps is the V-shaped body of a man on his jockeys. Not to be left out are the girls. Yes the GIRLS.

There are so many reasons why bodybuilding came about. One is fitness. Bodybuilding does not only promote fitness, it also enhances human body into something that is generally considered as “sexy”.

Browsing the net, you’d find a long list of articles as to the reasons why men go into bodybuilding. Health, fitness, fun, socializing, personal development, physical improvement and girls are among the many other reasons why men would want to go to bodybuilding.

Improving Confidence

Bodybuilding largely contributes to the development of one’s physiological body into something that is much like of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno. There is however one significant contribution that this discipline (although it is not yet generally accepted as a sports discipline) has given people who are into it — self confidence.

Admittedly, the issue of developing self confidence has been dropped, whether intentionally or inadvertently, from the roster of the advantages of going into bodybuilding.

Imagine walking tall along the hallway filled with people, who once knew you as a skinny fellow back in high school. With a toned body, walking in the presence of a crowd makes one feel good and look good. That alone boosts confidence. Gone are the days of the skinny fellow, who’d opt to use the backdoor because he would not want to be seen indifferently.

Changing your life

From being someone who would get no special attention from people around, you could become a neck breaker — or someone who’d be oozing with personality. With beautiful muscles now forming your body, you would no longer hear things you’d rather forget. Everything seemed fine now. The atmosphere has changed. So is your life.

With an overflowing confidence, one can now go wherever he’d wish to, do whatever pleases him or try something which sounds more of another crack to a better life. From being an outcast, one could be somebody that many would want to be with, especially girls.

Girls on top

Girls took the top spot as to why men go into bodybuilding. For one, most girls would want to be with strong and muscular guys. The reputation of musclemen goes beyond physicality. They tend to portray someone who can actually be a savior of sorts, especially in times of troubles. To them, muscleman is a step closer to being a Superman.

Sign of aging

On top of girls, men go into bodybuilding to avoid being out of shape. More often that not, men get to go “out of shape” at the age of 30. Bellies appear and go bigger if “unattended to”. Aside from the discomfort, it also somehow affects one’s physical appearance, thus adversely taking toll on men’s confidence.

The discomfort that bellies bring keeps us from doing some other things. Men with bulging bellies could not even reach his toes while standing. He could also hardly see his knees while standing. Picking up something he dropped on the floor would also be a difficult one with an excess baggage in his mid-section.

To avoid all these, men, especially those in their 30s are advised and taken to the gym to work-out as bodybuilding helps in toning the body.

Benefits of Bodybuilding
Ava Belinda asked:

In these days, more and more people start bodybuilding as their daily exercise. Most people consider bodybuilding as a basic form of making the body stronger.

There are a number of benefits of taking up bodybuilding. It helps build lean muscle mass, keeps the body well toned, helps build strength and endurance. It leads to good health, keeps the body in great shape and promotes longevity. It also boosts self esteem, confidence and makes a person self disciplined.As a matter of fact, it offers much more.

Anyone, regardless of the sex and the situation of the health, can take bodybuilding. It is not mere a sport which is practiced by professional bodybuilders. Women can also perform these exercises. Bodybuilding is beneficial to health, although it will not make you as stronger as the professional bodybuilders.

Fitness and bodybuilding does go hand in hand, and bodybuilding done in a proper way with educated trainers, gives a hundred percent fit output.

Bodybuilding can provide flexibility to the body. Those who have never had flexible bodies can take bodybuilding to improve their flexibility. It has been proven that by training correctly with proper warm up and stretching, before and after the workout, helps in improving the endurance levels of the body along with flexibility.

Bodybuilding requires rigorous workout and intense focus and commitment but it can help to improve the strength of the body and provide various other benefits. Along with a proper nutritional diet, exercises should be performed with caution to avoid injuries to the muscles.Following a good bodybuilding program, with a substantial amount of weight training and cardiovascular workouts combine, can be highly beneficial, in speeding up the recuperation or healing ability of the human body.

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