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What is is an RSS feed search engine which indexes thousands of publicly syndicated RSS feeds that are published by users on the Internet. periodically refreshes content in the search engine, limiting its refreshes per feed to no more than four times per day. All content found in the search engine comes from active and publicly syndicated RSS feeds, published by the authoring site.

How do I update the content shows for a feed?
Since periodically checks your feed for new content, any change made to the RSS feed on your web site will be reflected in the search engine within 24 hours. If you remove, rename, or delete your RSS feed from your web server, will remove your feed from the search index as well.

How can I find out which URL has indexed?
Each page in lists the source RSS feed URL at the top. Changes made to the content at that URL will be updated in the search engine.

How do I add my RSS feed to
All feeds indexed by are submitted by users. You can submit your feed by visiting our submit page.

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