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Released:  3-28-2005
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New Entries


cyberthane added an entry about budget:

I’m so terrible with money, sometimes I don’t know how I get by. It’s really reach crisis proportions!

Ok, finally I have a picture of the skirts :)
eclectic passion added an entry about wear my blue skirt more often:

3 of them, all similar lengths and colours:

Not great, but not horrible.
Mamby Pamby added an entry about Side Climb with ease:

HAven’t been steady with the practice, but I’ve tried this about 4 times in the past week and I do manage to shimmy around a bit.

Flipping the negativity
Larix added an entry about Apply for a grant:

“I have to finish this long important project. It should already be done by now and I need to plough through it”


How well is good enough?
PRETter added an entry about learn to play bass guitar:

I can play, basically. Having come from acoustic guitar helps a lot. But I want to be a confident bass player.

I don't have a best friend anymore
PRETter added an entry about find new friends:

I don’t have a best friend anymore, and other friendships are scarce and pathetic. I’m lonely; I need new friends in my life.

I hate this
mmorgan1214 added an entry about stop picking my face:

Having one of those days. I am a work and for the love of me I want to be home in front of a mirror with a pair of tweezers! The guy I am seeing is fed up as I never want to do anything anymore. Not sure how much longer that relationship is going to last. So it is pretty damn sad that picking my face seems to be more important then my relationship.

Day 2!!!! Started August 30th
mdd2nd added an entry about Give Up Fried Foods For 6 Months:

I have decided that I need to make a life style change!!! I have previously given up meat for a month and it made me feel great… So I have decided to give up something that I love but I know is not good for me. Fried Food is probably one of my greatest weaknesses. If you can fry it, I will eat it!!! This goal is in part to help my goal of being healthier at the age of 42 then I am currently at the age of 24. My Blood Pressure has been high for the last 5 years and I need to drop about 20 pounds if not more. This will be challenging yet I believe achievable!

WISH ME LUCK, and hope I don’t have any slip ups!

Going Good
*Author Cathy McDowell* added an entry about write a novel:

I’ll say I am better than half way through.
I have the details all in store and now taking the time to re-read
and get it all together!

I was planning on by October. Now I’m thinking maybe September.

Day First.
Larix added an entry about Stop watching TV:

Made my decision. No more TV. I actually don’t own TV, but I watch TV-shows on-line. The exact decision is to allow myself watching Breaking Bad when it comes on TV, but that’s it. only few shows left in this month. Nothing else. And no other shows. I would like to replace this sidetracking mechanism with an other way of dealing with whatever I’m dealing at the moment. I’m not sure with what yet. And second thing: I should prepare myself for challenge to be tempted for more when I watch the show on time. How can I do that? Perhaps by inviting someone to watch it with me? I’ll keep thinking.

July 31st
themingtheworld added an entry about Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.:

1. BBQ ribs

2. Spending time together watching stuff

3. Taking the dog for small walks

4. Sleep

5. The times when it doesn’t itch (although infrequent)

isa2312 added an entry about Learn to play a musical instrument:

First need to pick an instrument

isa2312 added an entry about Visit New York:

Planned for 2014 for my wife’s 40th birthday

Called my stepmother to wish her a happy birthday.
sue820 added an entry about Call or see my family and friends more.:

I was late on this, but I had sent her a gift that arrived on time.

Just came back from CodA Meeting
Larix added an entry about Prepare for emotional crisis:

Okay, something in me wants help: I actually went for CodA meeting. And then, somehow because I think I wanted someone take care of me, I went to the Oliver Tweest free food kitchen, and had something to eat. Felt strange to go there, but also felt good. It’s good to be given, to be in the circle of care. And about the CodA: knowing that I’m not the only one with problems with coping helps…

choice gratitude
signora oye vey added an entry about Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.:

Thank you for the reminder, just in time, that my choice of how to react will determine my experience. Thank you that I was able to reign in my attitude and react in the healthiest way possible given the situation.

Thank you for sweet sweet lovin’ with Pancake this morning.

Thank you for my suocera’s support.

Thank you for less stress and worry this week than what I was burdened with last week.

Thank you for hope.

When I will get my tattoo
spiderpam25 added an entry about Get a tattoo:

I have also decided that I will get my first and only tattoo after a year of being married. No sooner but possibly later if I cannot find something I really really like.

TrueFreedom added an entry about Create 1 new positive habit each month in 2012!!!:

This month I finally broke my caffeine habit!!!
I was sooo addicted to coffee but now it is just a treat I have here and there, and it is almost always decaf which has a lot less caffeine. The point is that I wake up in the morning and the first thing in my mind isn’t,”I need coffee!” Now it’s, “I need my banana smoothie!” lol

30 July 2012
woodstockdc added an entry about find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year:

Today I am grateful for:
- My health.
- My (relative) wealth.
- My good luck being born in the place & time I was born.

Things that made me happy today:
- That the things I’m grateful for offer me the opportunity to change.

Short Sale FAQs, Options, and Info on Short Sales in Elk Grove
sarimass added an entry about sari mass:

Is your Elk Grove home underwater? Are you upside down on your mortgage? Are you facing foreclosure? Looking for a Short Sale Agent and Specialist in Elk Grove? Short Sale FAQs, Options, and Info on Short Sales in Elk Grove.

30 July 2012
woodstockdc added an entry about reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal:

Got a major project into another stage that will take less of my time.

July 30
signora oye vey added an entry about record every krona spent in july:

Spent zero krona today.

July Total = 8,079 kr

theSleeper9 added an entry about Find some awesome fellows to play music with:

i.e. get in or start a band :b I’ve been playing lots of stuff lately (guitars, piano, drums and singing).. but just by myself. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve really enjoyed it! And I’ve noticed that, despite the fact I’m working on all these instruments at the same time, I’m getting better and better. But now it would be nice to see whether I can cope with other musicians…

I’ve also recorded a lot lately (considering my shortage of time) and they are rather good, I guess.. some of them even awesome! And now I’m starting to find my style, which is somewhere in between progressive alternative rock pop or so… anyhow, to start a band playing my music. That’s the goal.

I’ve asked couple of my friends I trust and my dad to listen to my production.. and they seemed to like them too. Of course they’re no studio quality but hey, I don’t live in a studio and I’m just getting started! So maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to post a link here and let you to listen and judge (:

7/31 145 lbs
PepperyJasmine added an entry about Write an entry every day with an idea how to lose weight until I weigh 145 lbs.:

couldn’t weight myself this am, at a hotel…. trying to help my mom feel better… feeling like i kinda blew it though b/c i left before dinner was all the way through (at 8pm although it started at 6:30 it was ridiculous how long it took to get the food) because i wanted to go to a dance class…. i should not have gone… but i did.

they were playing salsa music in the restaurant. i couldn’t stop myself. i felt guilty about it.

but then she also told me one of the plants died where i am working as a gardener, the tenant was supposed to water it, but i am the gardener, i am also supposed to water them…

i feel guilty about that too.


my schedule got messed up last week… i just need to be really firm about sticking to the schedule. and my mom is all screwed up now too she is drinking too much and all screwed up and some dumb guy. blah!

well. “when in doubt work out!”

idea for today: eat oatmeal for breakfast, fruit, eggs… something healthy.

try to get to the zumba class at 7 (hopefully breakfast won’t take FOREVER like dinner did)

and to the yoga class at 8.

take a nap in the afternoon.

donah1007 added an entry about Express some joy:

Helping my daughter plan her wedding has been fantastic. Things are falling into place so easily. I couldn’t be happier for her. We both wish her father could be here. While he can’t be here in person, we know he will be there in spirit.

She is going to be a beautiful bride.

dreamtour added an entry about love myself:

Losing weight is my goal, but keeping my mind occupied is my priority. So Im here reading in Starbucks.

I will listen to an inspirational audio tape
proudauzzie added an entry about For 15 Minutes...:

I listen to ‘Be your own life coach’ a tape that has inspired me over the years and one that I have only recently rediscovered after thinking I had lost it.

Debrief - Bed challenge
EphemeralLight added an entry about Complete each week a 7day mini-challenge:

I’ve made my bed every single morning :)
I’m going to keep on doing it!

I did it!
zuzesoo added an entry about get over my fear of flying:

Flying for the first time in 15 months and I wasn’t even daunted. I had read some books and returned myself to the mind set that there is nothing to worry about. I did use techniques such as connecting as much of myself with the plane as possible at times when it was slightly rougher, as in adopting the brace position. I was able to look out of the windows and appreciate what I was seeing.

I have two more flights before I come home in September both of which are longer and which I’ll be travelling on alone so this will really be my test. My two goals, set to prove I am actually over this fear, are to use the toilet during a flight so moving around and being in more of a confined space and also falling asleep so being relaxed enough to let go or any tension I’m feeling.

It’s a good start but I’m confident I can build on it. I am very pleased so far :)

rhino809 added an entry about Learn About My Family History:

Form:United Sates of America: Toms River NJ

Day Twenty
Niel added an entry about get up and make breakfast:

Had a hard time waking up, but got up, dressed and ate.

I've Managed
HootHope added an entry about save $300:

To save money so I’ve completed my “Save Money” goal. My next goal is to save $300. I’m excited. I’ve decided to say my penalty will be not being able to shop for 3 months. I like to shop, I think we all know that by now. But I’m not an excessive shopper. So The shopping i won’t be doing is for myself, If I have to buy the responsibilities then I will do so..I’m one of those people that says “oh while i’m out buying necessities i can buy this for myself” haha not anymore! the challenge is on!

skittledragon added an entry about paint a self portrait:

I’ve drawn it out and completed the base layer of paint. It looks ok at this point, but it needs a lot of work. I’ve painted myself before but they’ve never been very good; my technique has vastly improved in the last few years so this one should be better :)

July finished
Gumersinda added an entry about July Bootcamp 2012: Making an Olympic effort in the area I need to improve the most:

I did some exercise this month, but probably not an olympic effort to improve my activity in this area… I will keep trying it anyway.

mackerel salad - jess stylee
oozi added an entry about cook 5 more new recipes:

mackerel/ onion/garlic/ginger/lime/oil/coriander & salady veg & beans/lentils etc

mackerel nicoise
oozi added an entry about cook 5 more new recipes:

with mung bean sprouts

oozi added an entry about cook 5 more new recipes:

pasta puttanesca or lamb puttanesca w/ salad or veg

lamb/ veg
oozi added an entry about cook 5 more new recipes:

lamb steak w/ steamed cabbage/carrot & boiled peas/spinach w/ 3 cloves garlic/butter

Day Nineteen
Niel added an entry about get up and make breakfast:

Alarm didn’t go off, so it was up and wash and dress and breakfast in one smooth sweep. Had breakfast standing in the lovely warm sunshine.

Bus money
skittledragon added an entry about be more frugal:

I live almost 2 miles out of the town centre, which is a half hour walk or a 1.30 bus ride (that’s the cheaper bus too). I’ve promised myself that whenever I walk in to or out of town, I will put the bus fare I would’ve spent into my money box, then count the contents at the end of each month and see how much I saved! I reckon I’ve got at least 5 from the last week alone :)


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